Eltav - Wireless Monitoring of Valves

Operator Device (OD)

The OD is a hand-held operational panel, for use by field personnel, that enables operators to perform a variety of operational tasks around the valve on site location. Such operations are: calibration, maintenance and local monitoring of any Eltav component (VD, VDR and TVDR). The most basic functions of the OD are: turning the wireless device ON/OFF, supporting installation and commissioning, and receiving real-time measurements from a particular valve device (VD).


The operator uses the OD as a portable control panel to conduct one-on-one communication with any Eltav device. The Login procedure ensures that the operator is authorized to access the devices, and provides full traceability when any operation is executed. The OD is also used to: configure new devices prior to joining them to the network, report performance, and assist in installation and maintenance tasks. The OD communicates with VDs and routers using two channels, low frequency (LF) channel to communicate with the device and 2.4GHz channel to receive the response. During system commissioning, the OD transmits the ZigBee Network AES key – over the LF channel – so that new VDs can join the secured ZigBee network. The OD includes a log-in mechanism in which each user has a unique username and password.

Operator Device
Operator Device
OD Data Sheet