Our Communities

Our target is to contribute 0.1% of profits to nominated international charities, and a similar percentage to local charitable causes around the world. Local charity committees in each site support charitable causes that are important to their local communities, such as volunteering, fundraising and donations. In keeping with our Values, local teams are empowered and encouraged to decide how to distribute funds and support their local communities.

In addition to these local charitable and community activities, Rotork has reviewed its support to major charities this year to ensure they are aligned to our own business activities. We support three major charities - Pump Aid, WeForest and Renewable World.

Pump Aid

Pump Aid and Rotork have worked together to transform the lives of children and community members in rural Malawi.
At two pre-schools, Pump Aid has provided water points, child-friendly toilets, handwashing stations, and hygiene behaviour education, as well as nutritious meals using crops grown in kitchen gardens. As a result, 260 children and 1,600 community members now have access to clean water and improved sanitation. Rather than suffering ill health, children are able to attend school and thrive, with higher cognitive performance and dramatically improved life chances. Community members are seeing improved health and reduced distances walked in order to draw water. In addition, Pump Aid’s self-supply programme develops the skills of local pump mechanics in order to restore water functionality for communities and households, and to provide irrigation to small-scale farmers. In 2020, this brought clean, safe water to over 200,000 people in rural Malawi.

£40,000 Contributed to Pump Aid


In our 3Q environment and sustainability survey, Rotork colleagues told us they wanted us to focus on planting trees to help the environment.
Through a new partnership with WeForest, Rotork is supporting the construction of natural infrastructure solutions to halt desertification in Ethiopia and to secure water resources for
18,000 families. This involves the planting and conservation of 49 million trees, digging water-harvesting infrastructures and the deployment of ambitious schemes in 14 rural
villages, transforming the lives of these communities. As the seedlings grow, the roots bind the soil to reduce erosion, improving soil health. WeForest works with farmers to build
dams, micro-basins and water harvesting ponds to retain rainwater, improve infiltration and increase water access.
Photo ©WeForest.

£24,000 Contributed to WeForest

Renewable World

Funds donated by Rotork to Renewable World have contributed to the development and delivery of a solar water pumping programme in Nepal.
Three solar water pumping projects in Nepal will benefit a total of 26,500 people. Through the SolarMUS III project, Renewable World were able to install ten solar water pumps, benefitting those in Nepal’s remote hills where communities face increasing pressure generating an income from agriculture due to unreliable water access. Thanks to this programme, 5,000 people gained access to a household tap for the first time.

£40,000 Contributed to Renewable World