Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

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Carbon capture’s role in the energy transition

Carbon capture technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from cement manufacturing, power plants, and other industrial processes. The carbon emissions are captured, sometimes repurposed, but often transported and stored underground.

CCS is integral to the low-cost range of technologies needed to support the energy transition. For industry, CCS technologies are among the cheapest carbon abatement options available. As a wider range of CCS technologies emerges for pre and post-combustion applications, solutions will need to be scalable and made economically attractive as the cost of CO2 can vary significantly.

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Our role in CCS - enabling a sustainable future

Enabling a sustainable future is integral to everything we do, and our purpose of "keeping the world flowing for future generations” is core to all our development and innovation.

As new CCS technologies develop, we are ideally positioned to provide flow control solutions to the obstacles of the future – today. Flexibility and standardisation of actuator and instrumentation product selection will play a key role in the control and automation designs to ensure efficiency, optimisation and risk reduction.

Our intelligent flow control solutions provide the following benefits:

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Flow control equipment is used across all CCS stages, including:

  • Pre-combustion carbon capture
  • Oxy-combustion carbon capture
  • Post-combustion carbon capture
  • Direct air carbon capture
  • From capture to drying and compression stages
  • Via pipelines to long-term storage sites
  • To/from short-term storage via land or sea transport
  • On choke and bleed valves when injecting CO2 into long-term storage onshore
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Our latest CCS project

Rotork has been awarded a contract to supply IQ3 and Skilmatic SI actuators to a unique first-of-its-kind decarbonisation project in Norway. Northern Lights is developing the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. It represents a significant step in the ongoing decarbonisation of Europe, and Rotork actuators were chosen for robust, safe and reliable operation.

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Our latest CCS project

Our CCS solutions

Rotork manufactures a range of intelligent flow control solutions that are ideally suited to CCS applications. A selection of our most suitable products is shown below.