Q Range

The Rotork Q range is comprised of Q Standard and Q Pak actuators; a simple and cost-effective way of controlling small quarter-turn valves and dampers. They are robust, dependable and compact part-turn actuators that provide flexibility and reliability. They are designed to meet an industry need for a compact and reliable watertight actuator where an IP68 (NEMA 6) enclosure is required.

Rotork Q Standard actuators are the simplest models in the Q range of products. They are designed for use with external controls and motor switchgear; they are suitable for simple open/close duties where on/off control is required, to suit a wide variety of applications, such as rubber lined butterfly valves in the water industry or dampers for HVAC requirements.

3-phase and single phase option are available (model dependent) in order to meet specific torque characteristics for the wide variety of applications that Q range actuators are suitable for.

The Q Pak variant includes the addition of a control interface module, including a local control selectors, logic PCB, motor switchgear and transformer. This allows for increased integration of Q Pak actuators with existing site systems.

  • Continuous position indication at all times, even without power
  • Water ingress protection – double-sealed to IP68 1.2 m for 48 hours
  • Torque available from 40 to 900 Nm (30 to 664 lbf.in)
  • 3-phase and single phase options (model dependent)
  • Self-locking drive train in electrical and manual modes to prevent valve back driving
  • Increased protection by using independent torque and position sensing
  • Oil bath lubrication provides extended life and the ability to mount in any orientation

See Q Literature Page for further details.

Q Range